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Acambuco (long gulch), call green pearl is also a seated valley between the hills of the coast and the hills of Tartagal, guided of south to north, he/she has a longitude approximate. 10 km. and 2 km. wide de, from the National Route. n° 34 (Misión Fátima) continuing for the route prov. n° 56, you arrives to the valley, it is divided in two places: the jet and Acambuco.

Declared as area of reserves natural of flora and fauna inside of the fiscal lot n° 36 - 40, with a surface of 8.266 have. it belongs to the jurisdiction of the Municipality Aguaray, is distant of the  Tartagal city to 67 km. as to the scale of altitude, it is seated in the mountain jungle   at 794 - msnm. corresponding to the eco sistem  of the "yungas" or "nuboselva".

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